We Are Mortgage Professionals Serving Clients Across Beautiful BC.

With Our Head Office in Whistler, BC.


Doug Mildenberger is a mortgage broker and the owner of Garibaldi Mortgage. Doug has over 30 years banking experience in handling both residential and commercial mortgage financing. He moved to Whistler in 1991 and has been heavily involved with the Whistler rotary club including being a past president. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and golfing. Doug’s goal is to make your mortgage experience as smooth and simple as possible, Doug will ensure that you get the best rate and mortgage product that suits your personal situation.  


As a mortgage professional, Del has enjoyed assisting residential, recreational, and investment property purchasers since 2001 from her home office in Kelowna BC. Being an independent broker gives her the opportunity to work with clients on their time. Del is known for her ability to source incredible mortgage products that suit her clients needs. In her spare time she sings in the duo Steppin’ Out playing all styles of music from R&B, to Classic Rock , MoTown to Jazz.


Having spent the last 20 years living in Whistler, with 15 years as a mortgage broker and previously working in the financial sector, Jason understands this unique market and has gained extensive experience in a variety of mortgage scenarios. With developed widespread experience in residential, construction and commercial mortgages plus knowledge of specific properties such as fractional ownership and condo-hotel units. Jason will ensure that you get the right product at the best rate. He is always available to answer your questions and to assist you in achieving your property ownership goals.

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Payment Frequency, Does it Really Make a Difference?

Payment Frequency, Does it Really Make a Difference?

It has been said that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. Well, as it relates to your mortgage, the single certainty is that you will pay back what you borrowed, plus interest. However, how you make your mortgage payments, the payment frequency, is...

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Using Your RRSP To Help Buy A Home

Using Your RRSP To Help Buy A Home

Did you know that you can use your RRSP to help buy a home? In fact, you can, it’s called the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan (or HBP for short). Here are a few things you need to know! It needs to be your first home (with some exceptions). Technically, you must not have owned...

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You Just Got a Mortgage. Now What?

You Just Got a Mortgage. Now What?

Mortgages are a funny thing. On the one hand they allow you to become a home owner without saving up enough money to purchase the home outright, which is a really good thing. On the other hand, even at today's really low interest rates, as they are amortized over a...

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Don’t Assume Anything!

Don’t Assume Anything!

A lot of people get into hot water when they assume that because they've qualified for a mortgage in the past, they will qualify for a mortgage in the future. This article has one point to make and it's this: Don't assume anything when dealing with mortgage financing!...

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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Jan 22nd, 2020

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Jan 22nd, 2020

The Bank of Canada today maintained its target for the overnight rate at 1 ¾ percent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 2 percent and the deposit rate is 1 ½ percent. The global economy is showing signs of stabilization, and some recent trade developments have been...

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Mortgage Financing

Here is a list of the types of mortgage financing we are able to arrange on your behalf.

Residential Mortgage Financing

You have options! With the large number of banks we negotiate with, we are able to offer a wide variety of mortgage products. Tell us your goals and we will find the best type of financing at the best rates. We handle all types of residential mortgage financing including:


  • Getting a mortgage pre-approval
  • Arranging financing for a home purchase
  • Arranging second mortgages
  • Renewing your existing mortgage
  • Refinancing your existing mortgage
  • Switching your mortgage to a new lender

We also work with a wide range of smaller institutional and private lenders for applications that may not qualify under traditional guidelines. In most cases there are no fees for our services, we are usually paid directly by the lender. In some cases a broker/lender fee may apply, but not without full disclosure and your consent.

Commercial Financing

We are here to provide first mortgage financing on conventional and CMHC insured (where applicable) commercial products. Loan proceeds are typically used to assist with the acquisition of the real estate or to re-finance any existing indebtedness. Here are some examples of properties we can finance:


  • Retail Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Multi-Family Commercial/Apartment Buildings

Typically our commercial financing is between 65%-70% loan to value with a maximum of 85% LTV on CMHC insured applications. As every application is different and there are several ways to qualify commercial financing, we strongly suggest contacting us directly to figure out the best way to structure your application.

Non-Resident Mortgage Financing

As a non-resident you have the ability to secure financing through a Canadian lender with a choice of fixed rate terms of 1 to 10 years. Variable prime based lending is also available. Your mortgage can be amortized up to 25 years. 65% financing is typical, meaning you have to come up with a 35% downpayment. 80% financing is available for US residents. Canadian lenders require you have a Canadian bank account, and they will require you to show your ID in person to open an account. It is a good idea to open an account while you are in Canada! Lawyers/Notaries will also need to meet you in person, either your REALTOR® or Garibaldi Mortgage Broker would be happy to set up an appointment for you to meet with them.

Construction Financing

Construction mortgages are complex. We would be very happy to explain how they work and the steps that are involved. However as no 2 construction loans are the same, it is very difficult to provide relevant information in a brief summary on our website. So, with that said, if you are interested in a construction mortgage, please contact us  with confidence knowing that we specialize in constriction mortgages and would love to work through your specific scenario with you and put together a plan specifically for you!

We Negotiate The Best Mortgage Products for Our Clients. Period.

Some of Our Preferred Lenders

Doug Mildenberger really knows the mortgage business and was able to provide us with an excellent product at a very competitive price and on time!
Barry Maskell

Owner, Peak to Green Accommodations Inc.

My wife and I are Americans and we absolutely love the Rocky Mountains and wanted to purchase a property up in Whistler BC. Del Hunter was able to help us navigate the mortgage terrain and arrange financing that was very satisfactory to us. We love our little spot in paradise, thanks so much for all your help! If you are looking for someone who will take good care of you and has impeccable communication skills, Del Hunter is the broker you need to be working with.
R & P Boughanon


We are very happy clients of Doug Mildenberger and wish to express our thanks and the reasons for our satisfaction. Doug had quite a challenge as he worked to set up a mortgage for my son and his wife. They had good jobs but nothing saved and because they were not ‘credit card users’ had no credit rating. Doug consolidated their rent, cell phone payments and employment records into a suitable record for a credit history.  I’m sure this was no easy task! My husband and I (their guarantors), were in Ontario so everything concerning us had to be done via fax, email, scans and long distance phone calls at strange hours due to the time difference. Doug responded quickly to all of our queries and kept us abreast of each development as the work progressed.  He calmly informed us when there were problems and helped us find solutions in a timely manner.  We ran into additional hurdles when we discovered the closing date for the property (a foreclosure) was in the middle of our out-of-country vacation.  Doug stepped in and was able to arrange an extension with the Court and bank lawyers.  He absolutely saved the day! Words cannot express our gratitude to Doug throughout this very convoluted process.  He made sure we understood what was going on and ‘held our hands’ as we got the work done.  We want to make sure that Doug receives the credit he is due!
Steve & Moira

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